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Portugal and Seville (Part 1)

i´m chilling in seville, spain waiting on the new y ear and gearing up to hangout in the 3rd largest cathedral in the world.   what´s up?  this keyboard is strange so i´m sure i´ll misspell a lot.  also, the space bar is broke.  si!

We had a real good time and beautiful lisboa, portugal the last few days.   it´s real similar to san francisco, wi th the exception of athletes with huge steroids heads.  there are cable cars, huge hills,  th e first golden gate bridge (the SF  one copied the design), seafood, many delicious baked goods, awesome churches, catholics, mucho vino, super bock beer, cockes chips, dogs, cats,  castles, and fado singing.  fado singing is kinda like local poetry that is sang opera style minus the fat.   pretty cool stuff.   o ur h otel had an awesome view of the  city and we only got mugged 8 times.  ok, we didn´t get mugged but portugese is nothing like spanish (don´t  know why i thought it was).  anyway, by day 3 i had finally figured out how to say ´thank you´ (obrigado).  i suck at portugese and will now put off the purchase of my brazilian wax and thong  until i´ve figured it out a little  better.

anyway, tiff and i are now in seville, former home of wes carter and kevin osborne (i plan on making out with both of their house moms  later tonight with the pelota drops).  it´s quite walkable  here and the streets are really narrow and winding.  also, most everything is closed today as it´s sunday.    we did go to catholic mass this morning and while it was a little confusing, the cadence was  the  same and i was able to make out parts of the sermon.   we also went to a palace this morning that is used as a summer house for the king and queen.  high five!   the arabic architecture inside was very detailed and made my head spin.  i think i took about 200 pictures there as well.  by the time this trip ends i´ll have about 1000 pics.  our hotel here is at the very top of the  4th floor and  i´m going to have calves bigger than chuck norris by the end of this trip.   last night we went to a flamenco show an hour late because we didn´t realize there was a time zone change after our 8 hour bus ride here.  for those not in the  know, flamenco is a popular spanish dance popularized by the character Don Flamenco  in ´mike tyson´s  punch out´ for NES.  anyway, i got some sweet  new dance moves and will buy some castanets later today.   tiffany has been inspired by ´mr. jones´ by  counting crows and  plans on learning the spanish guitar.  tonight´s main plan is   to  figure out how to say ´show me your best square to get drunk in´ and then figure out how  many spanish beers 15€ can buy.   ahoy.


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