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We’ve decided to use Austin Granite Direct for our new countertops, but now we’ve got to decide on a backsplash. Here are some pictures that caught my eye:


Water, Water

Kitchen Sink:


Bathroom Sinks:

Bathroom Faucets:

Master Tub/Shower Faucet:


Fire and Ice

We LOVE the first backsplash in the post below, so I’ve been doing some research to figure out where we can buy it. Here are more pictures and information:

Tile is called “Quartz Brick Fire and Ice” by Jeffrey Court. Found here: Prices look like around $15-17 sq/ft.

However, there is a slight modification in the post below (and the pictures in this post), with people subsituting “Dark Amber” glass tiles for some/all of the white tiles that come with Fire and Ice. Morena Tile’s Burnt Umber, #39, seems to be the tile of choice, although it may no longer be in production. =(

Grout color: Custom Building Products, color: Quartz

Apparently there is one store in Austin (American Tile Supply) that carries the Jeffrey Court line, so we’ll be checking them out soon.

Here is another set of pictures from a different kitchen that used Fire and Ice. I also love this floor (!


Kitchen Lighting

At some point, we’re going to need to change the kitchen lighting. Here is one that I like to replace the 2 glass lights: