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June 17, 2008

Wow… it's been a while

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I’m officially the worst blogger on the planet. Now that I’ve admitted my guilt, let’s continue to get caught up in the life of N&T.

So much has happened since my last blog. We put our house up for sale on May 5th, and by the evening of May 11th, we had accepted an offer. CRAZY! What’s more crazy, is that we hadn’t found a house to buy at that time. Nate and I went out looking one evening with our realtor and didn’t find much that we absolutely loved. I headed back online and found a house just slightly out of our price range. I headed out at lunch a few days later to check it out and really loved it. We made arrangements for Nate to see it the following day, and we put in an offer. We negotiated for 2 days and then they accepted our offer! Since then we’ve had the inspection (very clean – amazing for a house built in 1938!), appraisal, insurance pictures, setup utilities, and shown the house to some friends and family. We’re set to close on the new house on Monday, June 23rd! We’ll have the entire week to move out of our current house, and then finally close on that one June 30th. The thing we like most about the new house is the location – we’re moving downtown! Just off of Enfield, which turns into 15th street only a few short blocks from our house.


In Memory
May 19th, Nate’s Grandma Shirley Alshouse passed away. She had been battling cancer since July, and a few weeks prior to her passing, had decided to stop the treatments in order to enjoy whatever time she had left. We weren’t expecting it to come so soon, but I know that Nate and I really enjoy our memories of her. She was such a wonderful, loving, joyful, spontaneous woman, mother, grandmother, aunt, and sister. She’s missed everyday, but I can see how much her spirit lives on in her family.

Lisa – The Bride To Be
From Kansas City, I flew to San Francisco for my friend Lisa’s bachelorette party. We’d been planning it for months, and it turned out to be even more wonderful than we expected. Eleven girls in Santa Rosa (Wine Country) – what could be better? I’ll tell you what – put those 11 girls in a million dollar mansion, complete with pool and hot tub, and then send them for a hot air balloon ride! It was wonderful to get to spend more time with Lisa’s friends and family – they’re all really wonderful people, just like Lisa! I can’t wait for the wedding in August!

SRHS Class of 1998
This past weekend was my 10-year class reunion. Nate and I headed to Indiana on Friday afternoon and had dinner in Indianapolis with my parents and some of Nate’s extended family – Aunt Judy, Uncle Kurt, and cousins Rachel and Jonathan. The greek food was fabulous, but the company was even better! Saturday, we headed to Brownstown to spend some time with the Durham family – it was great to see everyone all together! Good luck to little Sam, who is moving to Fort Worth, Texas today! Saturday evening was the actual reunion – taking place at Leah’s parents house in Cross Plains. Very low key, exactly like our class. Bring your own chairs and alcohol, sit around the pool/pond, play corn hole and flippy cup, and generally catch up with each other. From the top of my head, attendees were: Leah Chandler, Jennifer Hall, Megan Mulford, Anna (Toops) Hurst, Laura (Eades) Hreno, Greg Halcomb, Andy Keyes, Amber (Landwehr) Seppala, Emily Hudson, Erin (Huntington) Williams, Tara Thola, Holley Peace, Chrystal Jones, Ryan Hornsby, Rachel (Hosmer) Edwards, Scott Hunter, Matt Hewitt, Jason Cranfill, Amber Vaughn, Dustin Allee, Callie Baumgartner, Amy Roy, Amy Redmond, Amanda Henry, and me. We also had a few drop-ins from other classes – Brandon Palmer and Shelby Howard. It was a really fun night and definitely worth the trip home!!

That’s probably enough for you to read right now… I promise to update next week as we move to the new house!

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