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Adios #81 and #88!

January 19, 2008 By: tiffany1001 Category: Uncategorized

This week, I managed to complete 2 more goals.  The first, and most exciting, is that I got a new job!  Still with the same company, but I’m moving to the “User Experience” group.  Basically, I’ll work with a bunch of Psychologists who design user interfaces (anything that you can actually “see” on your computer screen).  They’ll do their magic to create recommendations and new designs, and then I’ll implement it!   I think I’m the only “techie” in the group, for now, but they might be looking to hire another person in the next year.  Sounds totally fun to me, and I’m definitely inspired again!  I start the new job on February 1st, so the next 2 weeks will be transitioning my old work to other team members.  I can see the finish line!

#88 was also completed – I finished our “to-do” list for the house last weekend, and we’ve already started to knock out some of the items.  There are 38 items on the list, and so far we’ve managed to almost complete 1!  We’ve tackled 4 closets (only 2 to go) and managed to seriously declutter and purge a ton of useless stuff.  Goodwill should be loving us right about now!  Only our bedroom closet and the downstairs closet under the stairs are left.  The house is really starting to pile up with stuff we want to take to storage, but we’re too cheap to pay an extra month’s rent, so we’ll keep it in the house until the last possible moment.

I’m also getting close to buying an iPhone – especially since they didn’t announce the new 3G phone at MacWorld this week.  I might have it by the end of the month!

Keep on keepin’ on…