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101 List Completed!

January 10, 2008 By: tiffany1001 Category: Uncategorized

Woo hoo!  I completed my 101 list today (January 9, 2007), so my official start date will be tomorrow, January 10th (which happens to be my sister’s birthday)!

The list look a lot longer than I anticipated.  I was able to brainstorm about 70 items, but the last 31 required some thinking and looking at other lists.  I also started out with a completely different set of categories than I have now, but I think the final list is pretty darn good.  Now I just need to encourage Nate and Grant (and any of my other friends that want to participate) to finish.

This should be an exciting challenge and I’m already pumped about having goals in front of me that are attainable and well-defined.

Here’s to the next 1001 days!  Stay tuned!

4 Comments to “101 List Completed!”

  1. Hey! Great list!! I’m especially envious of #44. You *must* post many, many pictures of that one!

    And when you get #92 down, please tell me your secret. :o) DH and I are *horrible* about doing that.

    Good luck with everything. It’s so cool to have a 101 date “twin”!

  2. Patty Cross says:

    What a great way to start the New Year, Tiffany. Whether every item gets checked or not, you’ll have fun and learn lots. I remember when Grant was learning bagpipe. May I suggest ear plugs for Nate when you start the violin? Here’s a toast (with apple juice) to your energy and enthusiasm!

  3. Congrats on getting started!

    Sounds fun! I’m going to get started on my 101!

  4. Mama Mia Tia says:

    I would totally fail #92. hahaha Dirty dishes suck! Could just eat out for a month but that would be way expensivo.


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